Latino Serving Organizations (LASO)


What are Latino Serving Organizations?

A Latino Serving Organization (LASO) is a public or private entity that works to meet a need or a group of needs of the diverse and growing Latino population of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. LASOs primarily focus on local problems and concerns (e.g. neighborhood, city, county levels), though sometimes they engage on national scale issues. They are often organized around a particular purpose or cause and tend to be grassroots in nature. Many provide direct services, while other simply advocate causes important for the Latino community. Individually or in coalition, LASOs work in a variety of fields, including voting registration, legal defense and advise, affordable housing, health care, educational opportunities, capacity building, among others.

Why do they exist?

LASO’s are unique in the ability to generate benefits to the Latino community that otherwise would be difficult to attain. These organizations give access to resources and provide services that government agencies find hard to deliver through public programs and activities and develop solutions that fit the culture and values of the Latino community.  LASOs also speak out for the Latino community and present their aspirations to policy makers and to the wider society. Such work often demands collective mobilization seeking to bring about policy change by lobbying politicians, and by influencing government officials and civil servants responsible for the policy areas which impact the Latino community.

Why the LASO project?

Very little research has been done to examine organizations that provide support and resources to Latinos and Latinas in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  The Latino Serving Organizations Inventory is a project conducted by students and faculty of the School of Transborder Studies. The purpose of the inventory is to identify organizations and groups that are engaged in the provision of health, education, housing, legal assistance, employment, arts, and other social and economic services targeting primarily the Latino community in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Project Participants

Student Researchers: Bianca Arellano, Jonathan Chavez, Adilenne Diaz, Miguel Figueroa, Paula Hernandez, Ricardo Llamas, Evelin Cruz, Michelle Felix, Summer Fernandez, Erika Galindo, Erika Gomez, Kendall Kampen, Victoria Tenorio, Aracely Torres.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Francisco Lara-Valencia, Associate Professor, School of Transborder Studies


Below is a list of LASOs working in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Please click on the appropriate category to find out more about these organizations.



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