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DIGITAL BORDERLAND is a web-based, multi-media project of the U.S./Mexico border region that uses video, audio and photography to expand the reach and aid in community access to the research work at the ASU School of Transborder Studies. Digital Borderland incorporates multiple layers of demographic information, ecology, economic development, health, arts, and geographic informational systems. Digital Borderland project uses maps from the STS Simon Burrow Map collection as a base for exploring the borderlands through history. By using digital versions of historic maps, users can “travel” through the historical landscape to explore the region in multiple media.

The Digital Borderland website was created by ASU Professor Andres Torres-Vives in collaboration with his student in FMP/TCL 394 “Intro to Transborder Media”. Students were assigned to develop media projects on STS faculty-led research in multiple areas. These projects, interviews and related media continued the growth of the “Digital Borderland” website. Five video narratives were produced with students; with “Baseball Dreams” by Jorge Arellano (ASU student) featured on the web page. This project was developed with the support of a PTC seed grant and it actively receiving contributions from STS faculty and students.